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Impasto painting by Grace

Learning how to draw!

Interview #23 with Ella...Mr. Singer: What's going on in this painting? Ella: Two kids and a fence. Mr. Singer: And are these kids related? Ella: Yes, they are Brother and sister. Mr. Singer: It looks like they are doing something fun and dangerous. Ella: Yes, both. Mr. Singer: What medium? Ella: Watercolors and marker. Mr. Singer: What do you call it when the subjects are back lit and appear black? Ella: Silhouettes. Mr. Singer: You are a wonderful student, see you at the art show!

Interviews 21 and 22 with Cole and Hunter...Two brothers, like no others.
Mr. Singer: Why did you choose this subject? Cole: I like Octopi. Mr. Singer: So do I, by the way, octopi and octopuses are BOTH correct plural. What else can you tell me about them? Cole: they can re-grow their limbs and they can squirt ink to confuse their attackers. Mr. Singer: Cool. I wish I could do that. Tell me about the vegetation behind your octopus. Cole: I used it to create depth. Mr. Singer: This is a great watercolor. Bring your friends to the Art show on May 25th so they can see it in person!

.....Mr. Singer: Tell me, Hunter, what was your inspiration for this drawing of a cabin? Hunter: Hunting in new Mexico. Mr. Singer: What is the most important thing you can say about colored pencils? Hunter: don't scribble. Mr. Singer: Yes, control, and would you suggest taking art supplies on a hunting trip? Hunter: Yes. Mr. Singer: Excellent!

Many of my students like to draw with common graphite pencils. It can be quite relaxing. Here is one on my drawings depicting an old fisherman tying flies. His loyal cat is paying close attention and ready to cause some trouble. I like my art to tell a story...

Interview #20 with Faith... Mr. Singer: What was the name of this assignment? Faith: Animal Rights. Mr. Singer: Do animals in cages make you feel sad? Faith: yes. Mr. Singer: and what did I do to help? Faith: You reminded me to put the spots on the Cheetahs.
Footnote: Faith just joined the Art Room midyear and she has already proven to be an excellent artist.

Interview # 18 with Emma... Mr. Singer: What inspired this pencil drawing? Emma: the foal I got for my birthday. Mr. Singer: How many pencils did you use? Emma: Four. Mr. Singer: And what else can you tell me about this drawing? Emma: It is a futuristic fantasy of me and my horse, Amazing Grace, jumping a fence. Mr. Singer: It is AMAZING

Interview #16 Paige...Mr. Singer: What do you call the material that you painted this on? Paige: It's a canvas panel. Mr. Singer: And the paint? Paige: Acrylic. Mr. Singer: What was your inspiration? Paige: The work of two artists, Hokusai and van Gogh. Mr. Singer: I am impressed. You put the paint on very thick. What do you call that? Paige: Impasto, one of my favorite techniques!
     Footnote: This, and many other masterpieces will be on display at the annual (Free) Art Room Showcase, Wednesday May 25th at the Benton Community Center Art Room and studio. Mark your calendar!!

Interview #15 Elizabeth... Mr. Singer: What kind of paper is this? Elizabeth: Watercolor. Mr. Singer: So this is a watercolor, and how many colors did you use? Elizabeth: two. Mr. Singer: And what do you call it when something is equal on both sides? Elizabeth: Symmetric. Mr. Singer: What was the point of this project? Elizabeth: to use gradation. Mr. Singer: A+!

Interview # 14 Cassandra...Mr. Singer: Another great painting! Is this an original idea? Cassandra: Yes. Mr. Singer: what did you find most challenging? Cassandra: Creating depth. Mr. Singer: How are you holding the viewers attention? Cassandra: With the serpent and the volcano. Mr. Singer: Well, I NEVER tire of looking at it!

Interview #12 Tori ...Mr. Singer: How long have you been a member of the Art Room? Tori: This is my first year. Mr. Singer: I like your panda eating bamboo, why did you choose that subject? Tori: My family just adopted a panda. Mr. Singer: Now that is cool, and so is your painting on bread!

Interview #11 Carly... Mr. Singer: What do you call this type of art? Carly: A landscape. Mr. Singer: how did you make the black silhouettes? Carly: With a Sharpie. Mr. Singer: did you have fun making it? Carly: Yes. Mr. Singer: Nice gradation!

Interview #10 Keaton...Mr. Singer: How would you describe your art? Keaton: Whimsical! Mr. Singer: Ah yes, playful, fanciful and fun! And what medium did you use? Keaton: Ink and Watercolors. Mr. Singer: Who's idea was this? Keaton: Mine. Mr. Singer: Well done!

Interview # 8 Sutton
Mr. Singer: How many different pencils did you use on your sports figure? Sutton: Three. Mr Singer: How many people are doing art in your family right now? Sutton: Three. Mr. Singer: Why did you choose a boxer? Sutton: No special reason. Mr. Singer: What did you learn? Sutton: I learned about light, shadows, and values. Mr. Singer: Very good drawing!

Interview # 7 Ryan
Mr. Singer: Tell me how you did this. Ryan: first I drew it in pencil, then I inked it, then I used colored pencils. Mr. Singer: Who is this sports figure? Ryan: it is Randall Cunningham of the Eagles. Mr. Singer: what did you learn from this lesson? Ryan: How to sketch lightly and measure with my eye.
Footnote: Ryan is a very dedicated student who is always the first one to arrive in class!

Interview #5...Mr. Singer: So Phoebe, why the Golden Gate Bridge? Phoebe: San Francisco is where the TV show Monk takes place. Mr. Singer: I see you used gradation too, and what was your biggest challenge? Phoebe: Getting the perspective right. Mr. Singer: I believe you did it!

Interview #3...Mr. Singer: A train on a book shelf... Nadia: Yes, I thought of a couple other items, but settled on a train because I thought it was cool. Mr. Singer: How many pencils did you use? Nadia: Just one. Mr. Singer: I suggest using several of various hardness. What was your biggest challenge? Nadia: the size, I usually work smaller. Mr. Singer: It's really quite original. I love it.

Interview # 2

Mr. Singer: This is a very interesting piece of art. I realize it is a seahorse, but with a rocket back pack?? Hannah, what's going on? Hannah: I wanted to do a seahorse, but thought it looked boring. Mr. Singer: Hmmm, What is the significance of the red bird? Hannah: you will notice the bird is looking at the seahorse. Mr. Singer: True. What medium did you use and why? Hannah: Colored pencils because they are my favorite. Mr. Singer: What suggestions do you have for students using colored pencils? Hannah: don't scribble!

The first Art Room interview....Mr. Singer:Wow! What a great dream bed! It looks like a palette. Taylor: It IS a palette. Mr. Singer: Oh, what was your inspiration? Taylor: I remember a stained glass palette my grandfather did. Mr. Singer: How long did your painting take to make? Taylor: About two hours. Mr. Singer: Are there any other artistic people in your family? Taylor: Yes, I think my father is very artistic! Mr. Singer: GREAT JOB!


Another Painting by Taylor...

Classes with Mr. Singer:
Clark's Summit, Tuesdays

4:00 to 5:00 First class
5:oo to 6:00 Second class.

Fleetville, Wednesdays

6:30 to 7:30 First class
7:30 to 8:30 Second class

 Remember, drawing is the KEY to becoming an artist.

This is a watercolor on a piece of cedar (the kind used for siding on houses). Prints are available at

It's time. Yes, it's time to take a ride in a pull toy. Everything looks different from down there.
This print fits perfectly into any standard 8X10 frame. Using acid free heavy natural Cougar cover stock and brilliant high quality inks, it will last a lifetime. Scanned at high resolution it looks exactly like the original (Shown here at much lower resolution.) Has an even white border, so matting is optional. This print would go well with other art by Barry Singer. Comes to you in a clear sleeve with sturdy packaging. Ready to ship immediately.
All prints are signed by Barry Singer.
© 2015 Barry Singer. Reproduction rights belong to the artist. Thank you

The word IMPASTO is Italian in origin. It is a technique in painting where paint is laid on the surface very thickly, so that the brush or knife strokes are visible. Paint can be mixed right on the canvas. When dry, impasto provides texture, the paint appears to be coming out of the canvas.
I call this painting Octo Impasto.

Moby Dick is a classic fishing story. And the Captain Ahab in your life would love this pencil drawing stained in coffee. prints are available in my Etsy shop.

(Students are encouraged to be CREATIVE...and they ARE! Just take a look at the "Students Album".)