There is nothing fancy about this website. It's just a place for me to show my art. I hope you enjoy it and if you see something you like, follow the links for easy purchase. Art is a great addition to any room and always makes a fine gift.

There once was a golfer named Macbeth

Whose wife beat him in sudden Death
Enraged he threw his club away
He hoped he would find it someday
His wife said, "Don't hold your breath."

A duckling said to his brother,
"He doesn't look like our mother.
There's so much he lacks,
and I don't like his quacks,
but he'll do if there isn't another".

A fisherman named Bill Bide,
Was known for the flies that he tied.
It often is told,
How he fished until old,
And even after he died.
This is my Halloween skeleton cartoon featuring a fly fisherman who refused to quit. He can be seen rowing around the lake in his John boat around this time of the year.

I have three different "A River Runs through It" pieces. Here is the latest:

My wife is a big Outlander fan, so I made a watercolor on the turtle soup page for her...

Cast your net...

Mike Stevens From Channel 16 stopped by for a visit from "The Pennsylvania Road"
We had a nice chat...

I'm always on the look-out for fish! I saw this neat cod weather vane on top of a magnificent home and pictured a school of cod-shaped clouds swimming by. Prints will soon be available at

   Drawing with common graphite pencils can be quite relaxing. Here is one of my drawings depicting an old fisherman tying flies. His loyal cat is paying close attention and ready to cause some trouble. I like my art to tell a story...

This is a watercolor on a piece of cedar (the kind used for siding on houses). Prints are available at

  Yes, it's time to take a ride in a pull toy... Everything looks different from down there.
This print fits perfectly into any standard 8X10 frame. Using acid free heavy natural Cougar cover stock and brilliant high quality inks, it will last a lifetime. Scanned at high resolution it looks exactly like the original (Shown here at much lower resolution.) Has an even white border, so matting is optional. This print would go well with other art by Barry Singer. There is also a version with no background. Comes to you in a clear sleeve with sturdy packaging. Ready to ship immediately.
All prints are signed by Barry Singer.
© 2019 Barry Singer. Reproduction rights belong to the artist. Thank you

The word IMPASTO is Italian in origin. It is a technique in painting where paint is laid on the surface very thickly, so that the brush or knife strokes are visible. Paint can be mixed right on the canvas. When dry, impasto provides texture, the paint appears to be coming out of the canvas.
I call this painting Octo Impasto.

Moby Dick is a classic fishing story. And the Captain Ahab in your life would love this pencil drawing stained in coffee. prints are available in my Etsy shop.