I am best known for fish prints or GYOTAKU as they are sometimes called. This page is devoted to a variety my cottage and beach decor.

This is an Alligator Gar GYOTAKU fish rubbing. White paint on a navy blue cloth. Because of the large scales, this is one of the best nature prints I have had the pleasure to make. The size is 31" X 21". Available at


This is a GYOTAKU (or fish rubbing) of a striped bass caught in the Atlantic ocean off Newport Rhode Island. Once framed, a piece of beach decor art of this size can be quite heavy. The cleats used here offer a clever solution to hanging. The plank at the top was a piece of driftwood found while beach combing. the frame wood was selected to match.  Someone recently told me that I had the most and best GYOTAKU art pictures on the internet at


  Thank you!
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Here is a GYOTAKU FISH PRINT of a porgy or scup. This is the kind of colorful beach decor that I supply to my friends along the coast.

The Bluegill and the perch are two common freshwater fishes often found in the same lake or pond. The blugills are usually on the shallower shelves while the perch are often in deeper water closer to the bottom. But their territories sometimes overlap. Both are beautiful fish in their own right and we are lucky to have them. This FISH PRINT was made on a very old and rustic looking parchment paper. I can see it in a dimly lit corner with a weathered wooden frame. More on this fish art at


GYOTAKU  "Tails". They are made from a perch on batik cloth. Fish prints like this make a fine cottage decor gift.

Who are some of the best fish artists that have inspired Barry Singer over the years? The fish rubbings and paintings each have their own style. Lori Hatch, Dwight Hwang, Michael Reimer, Ray Troll and Naoki stand out in my mind as good examples. Above is a smallmouth bass composition available at

I like making GYOTAKU fish rubbings from rock bass because they have strong fossil-like fish features that print well. Sometimes they hang around sunken sticks in a deep stream pool as shown here. People write to me and tell how much their fisherman friend liked a gift of fish art. Available at 


     Channel Catfish rubbing. They put up a strong fight and are difficult to make a good GYOTAKU of. First of all they have a fat round body. Then there is the lack of scales to deal with. Here, I tried to convey a peaceful, lazy feeling.

I try to include some nice fresh water game fish like this large bass GYOTAKU fish rubbing on natural cloth. I live for the day when I get invited to go fishing with one of the big names in sport fishing like: Brandon Palaniuk , Dave Mercer , Captain Dan Porter , Mike Iaconelli , Kevin VanDam , April Vokey , Ott DeFoe , Edwin Evers , Dave Maynard , Randy Howell , David Walker , John Crews ,Alton Jones , Mark Zona , Charlie Moore , or Skeet Reese !
Bass with a plug, GYOTAKU fish rubbing.

Trigger fish, GYOTAKU fish rubbing.

Framed GYOTAKU fish rubbing art. Very affordable art prints are available at my Etsy and Amazon shops.