Pipe smoking Sally McKnight - How do I love thee? Watercolors of people fishing. Art by Barry Singer.

Fly fisherman at sunset watercolor painting. Fish art by Barry Singer. Visit


Blue crab watercolors. New England, The Outer Banks, Georgia, and Florida coastal areas. Fish art by Barry Singer.

Watercolors of green frogs, bull frogs and lily pads. Art by Barry Singer.

Testimonial from my online fish art store...


Watercolors of beach scenes. Queen conch and the clam family. Art by Barry Singer

Fishermen swarmed by flies and just plain out of luck. Watercolor fish art by Barry Singer.

Watercolors of largemouth bass with crawfish and net, rainbow trout tricked by a fly. Fish art by Barry Singer.

Watercolor koi and goldfish. Fish art by Barry Singer

Dramatic jumping and killing fish watercolors on Yupo paper. Fish art by Barry Singer

A wild lobster eating a fish tail. A crow about to dine on a fishes eye. Watercolor fish art by Barry Singer

Gyotaku fish art rubbing of a sunfish. The perfect Christmas gift for a fisherman.

I have always been drawn to pencil illustrations. What could be easier than picking up a pencil and some paper and starting an idea. Here is my version of that famous tortoise and hare story. You can order quality art prints directly from me at 


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