Lakeside and seashore art in watercolors are a love of mine. A dragonfly on cattails is the center of attention. Shown here in low resolution, the original and prints are sharp and clear. They are available at my online art shop:

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Mermaids and Sirens are very interesting. I like the Greek Mythology associated with Sirens. It's a pretty cool story how they lure sailors to their doom. My cousin wrote this poem to go with the new pastel painting:

A lovely siren from the deep
With song to make a sailor weep
And wind caressing raven locks
Draws the mariner to the rocks
His very soul to reap.

This art is available in my Etsy shop....

One of my favorite books. A River Runs Through it. My watercolor on the last page.

The first page of A River Runs Through it by Norman Maclean. Watercolor by Barry Singer


The pacific sea nettle. After making a Yin and Yang GYOTAKU of some saltwater skates I got the idea to make a similar composition of some pastel jellyfish. The jellyfish isn't a fish at all and the are often just refered to as jellies at the aquarium. This painting is available at my Etsy shop:


This is a cropped view of a pastel painting which you can use to decorate your beach home. The whole picture depicts a jealous surf fisherman looking over his shoulder at this pelican. Visit

The Winter flounder and the skate. Art like this is perfect for a nautical beach decor.

Inspired by Maine, this watercolor lobster shack is covered with buoys. Prints of this are available at my online store:

Once while looking in the clear water at a marina I saw two starfish. They were near each other and I wondered. What would happen if they touched? Could they fall in love? That thought inspired this painting. Prints of this scene are available at my on-line art shop...

Watercolor fish art featuring a happy man who can actually juggle fish at sunrise. A most enjoyable sight! The original and prints of this Fisherman Juggler can be found at the Etsy shop

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Seaside Ditty Acrylic painting. My son Matthew playing his guitar on the beach at the Outer Banks North Carolina. Art by Barry Singer 

Hungry Channel Catfish about to nab a minnow. Fish art watercolor by Barry Singer.

Here are three wacky fish art pencil drawings: Toasted bluefish, Stinky boots, and my favorite parody, The Kiss.

Original watercolor fish art done on an actual page of Moby Dick. This can be seen at:

Outlet geese watercolor painted for the cottage or cabin. Art by Barry Singer

More fish art. There are seven cartoon animal fishing friends in this series. They are: frog, squirrel, horse, duck, dog, cat, and alligator. Great for decorating or gift giving. They can be seen and ordered at

 © 2019 Barry Singer. Reproduction rights belong to the artist. Thank you.